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Denise Ho, founder of Happitude
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I initially came to yoga – as many of us do – as a complement to my fitness routine, and quickly became hooked by the transformation yoga provided!

My journey took a sudden turn in 2008 with a cancer diagnosis. During my treatment, I began to explore different practices and healing modalities to cope with stress and anxiety, and find ways to continue my practice post-surgery.

Healing my body and adapting my practice as I age has guided me to work with people who are having a similar experience. I specialize in teaching yoga and fascial tissue release for those who are new to yoga, recovering from injury, or just wanting to practice mindfully. 

Hi there, I’m Denise. 

I’m the founder and an instructor here at Happitude.​

I’m your teacher with over ten years of experience, ready to guide you through your practice, so you can build strength and gain flexibility at a rate that’s appropriate for you.

  • I've completed a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified, Teacher Training program.

  • Continued studies in various styles of yoga that give me an excellent foundation for teaching gentler, slower paced classes.

  • I'm continuously adapting my yoga practice.  A cancer diagnosis in 2008 and surgery has created some imbalance in my body.

  • I made yoga my full-time career starting in 2014. Since then, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach thousands of classes.

  • I’ve also been fortunate to have made some long lasting relationships with my students.

Meet the Teachers

Kathy Westgate, Yoga & Fitness teacher

Kathy Westgate

Kathy Westgate has been teaching fitness, yoga/mindful meditation across the GTA for over 20 years. 

The challenges of parenting a large family led Kathy to side step from a business consulting role towards study of health care practices to benefit both her own and others wellbeing. She encourages movement practices that are non harming, safe and accessible. Improving joint mobility and muscular efficacy for all bodies through all stages is the aim. 

Kathy’s invitation is for students to feel more connected and comfortable in their own skin just as they are right now. Through this practice the parasympathetic calming side of the nervous system can relax and release from habits of worry and stress. Kathy’s deepest intention is for improved moods and body sensations to have a positive ripple effect beyond the time on the mat.

Stephanie Tupper, an invitation to practice yoga together

Stephanie Tupper

Stephanie’s path to yoga began early in life, practicing sporadically with her bestie and watching recorded yoga programs in the 90s, and only after marriage and kids did yoga become a regular part of her life. It was a practice that introduced calm and peace in the midst of stress and chaos: young kids, family demands and a husband who often travelled for work.

After years in the customer service / administrative field, Stephanie found her calling and took her yoga teacher training at Breathe Yoga and Wellness in Toronto, and continued adding to her knowledge with a mentorship (Margot Stokreef) and Yoga for Seniors (Monica Cordes) in 2018, Yoga for All in 2019 (Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes), Brain Longevity Training in 2020 (Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation), and Yoga Nidra in 2021 (Chitra Sukhu).


Stephanie currently lives with her family in Nova Scotia and runs Chameleon Yoga.

Aggie Tusnadi, welcomes you to her online classes with a warm smile

Aggie Tusnadi

Yoga came into my life slowly, casually, and it took some time for me to understand and appreciate its significance in my life.  What began as a strictly physical endeavour became more energetic and spiritual as I delved deeper and started training as a teacher in 2009.

I completed the 500 hour program at Yogaspace in Toronto where I met my mentor, Patricia White and my philosophy teacher, Hali Schwartz.  I have been teaching for over 10 years and I continue to attend workshops and retreats, while more recently exploring therapeutic and movement classes.

When I am struggling, I turn to my practice - and it has never failed me.  As a busy parent with an irregular work schedule, I understand the challenges of trying to maintain healthy habits and a regular practice, and as a teacher, my aim is to guide students to exploreYoga and apply it in a sustainable way that works for them.  I draw from my personal exploration as well as what I observe and learn from my students and teachers.


I look forward to working with you!

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