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Dancer in motion Image by Hulki Okan Tabakn

Move your body. Energize your soul.

Introducing yoga and fitness with Happitude.

Train with Us

Are you a yoga teacher or care-giver to elders? Enhance your skills — learn to safely teach yoga for seniors. 

Build Your Program

Is your organization building programming for seniors? We offer live and streaming classes to suit your needs.

Join a Class

Looking for yoga classes for yourself, or to take with friends and family? Click below to book a class!

Our Video Library

We offer a wonderful collection of classes on-demand. Leave performance behind and find deeper connection in the body — on your own schedule! Students with passes, teacher trainees, and member organizations have online access to an ever expanding library of classes led by your favourite teachers. 

Improve your mobility, build strength, and enhance balance and coordination.

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A person in legs up the wall pose, with a weighted sandbag on their feet.
Denise rolls her outter hip over a yoga ball, while supporting her head with a foam block.
Denise provides traction, pulling the ankles of a yoga practitioner in a supine, propped, restorative yoga pose
Denise gently adjusts the angle of her student's head and neck, as she rests over colourful folded blanket props.

Meet The Teachers

Smiling Denise Ho, founder of Happitude, stands in front of a painted brick wall.

Meet Our Founder, Denise Ho

About Us

Our highly trained instructors specialize in adapting traditional exercises to meet the unique needs and abilities of older adults. We believe that taking care of our bodies is not just about physical exercise, but also about cultivating a sense of inner peace, mindfulness, and connection to self and others.​


We offer a variety of classes and workshops designed specifically for seniors, to improve balance, flexibility, strength, or to simpley reduce stress. Our classes are also considerate of individuals with joint pain, arthritis, or other chronic conditions.

Yoga and fitness instructor Kathy Westgate smiles in front of a grey stone wall
Yoga instructor and Chameleon Yoga Studio owner Stephanie Tupper gazes with a smile, standing outside in a lush garden
Yoga instructor Aggie Tusnadi smiles and stands in front of an intricately carved wooden panel

Yoga has helped me feel more comfortable in my body. I don’t feel as many aches and pains and I feel wonderful after each class.

Thanks very much!

Anne D.

Denise cultivates a sense of community and camaraderie that is both fun and challenging. Her matter of fact delivery and her knowledge of anatomy and various branches of yoga is impressive and comforting.

Mike S.

I originally joined this group because it was in my community and then it felt like our class became a small, close knit community.

Anne D.

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